"On January 25th, 2018, my life changed when I was introduced to thousands of new, wonderful fans from around the world so when I was asked to return for Season 2 of FOX's television show 'The Four', I said yes.

In the process of preparing videos for the pre-audition, my computer crashed and all of those videos were lost... Until now."

Clips from an intimate set at The Spice House in Atlanta.

Guitar: Gary "Stello" Clark

Bass: Tyreek Levett

Keyboard: Sam Buck

Drums: Sam Johnson

Full interview on #TheHotSpot Radio Show with Ms. DJ DONTSTOP and Misha Fair.

[May 10th, 2017, Atlanta, GA]

Clips from an acoustic set at Kandi Burrus' Old Lady Gang in Atlanta.

Guitar: Chavis Flagg

Keyboard: Phil Adair